Warranty Info

Why the warranty info is required for the breast implants?

It is one of the most important factors for every patient to get positive results from their surgical process. So, it is always better for the patients to stay aware about the breast implant carefully before the surgical process. In this regard, the patients know the entire requirement that what to do and what not to do for better results. By cover these entire requirement the patients can avoid various side effects that may arise after the surgical process. In this regard, direct consults with the surgeons is offer better satisfaction to the patient regarding their health problem.

Breast Implant Warranty Info

Whenever you have the breast augmentation surgery, then you buy the breast implants through plastic surgeon. You can get, at not any additional cost, lifetime replacement warranty for the breast implants (for replacement cost of implant itself) and in case of the rupture. They can give you the financial assistance for some time -period after breast augmentation surgery for covering some additional costs (the surgical expenses, and many more.). You might purchase the additional coverage. The basic warranty also covers implants while 1 ruptures. The enhanced warranty is bought within forty five days after the surgery as well as are registered on internet. Warranty is just 30 day registration, and sent by mail.

The Standard Advantage

Lifetime Product Replacement

Around ten Years of the Coverage

Around $2200 of the Financial Assistance

Non cancelable Terms

Enhanced Advantage

Lifetime Product Replacement Plan

Ten years and $1200 of Financial Help for Anesthesia Costs and Operating Room

Ten years and $1000 Of Financial Assistance for the Surgical Fee Expenses

Enhanced Advantage is optional plan made to give you the financial help when the qualifying revision surgery happens within 10 years after date of the original implantation.  Program cost is around $125 & includes following:

Operating Room & Anesthesia Assistance $1200: Pay uninsured, and out of the pocket costs for the operating room or anesthesia costs straight related qualifying revision surgery to maximum aggregate around $1200.

For some important information on benefits & risks that are associated with the saline filled breast surgery, then read more about and make Informed Decision.

Surgeon’s Fee Assistance $1000: They can pay uninsured, and out of pocket expenses directly related for qualifying the revision surgery for the surgeon fees to maximum aggregate $1000. Terms in the effect while the original implantation happens can apply at time of the claim.