Surgery FAQ

What kind of Anastasia will be used during breast augmentation?

Patient who are wishing to have breast implant surgery they must be wondering how and where their surgery will be performed. What type of anesthesia will be used and how will they feel after the surgery and how many days it will take to recover them from this surgery and many other questions. There is no certain type of Anastasia. The Anastasia will be used on depend on the patient health and the surgeons preferences. Normally general Anastasia is used on breast augmentation surgery. Local anesthesia can be used if the doctor prefers.

Can breast implant lift breast?

Yes, You might need the breast lift or you may have the breast lift without any breast augmentation. But, breast implants can give you the fuller, younger and rounder, appearance. In case, you have lots of natural breast tissue that you might opt for breast lift without any breast augmentation surgery.

What about the breast lift scars?

Also, there are many types of the breast lifts that are available now and all can have different type of the scarring on breast. Take close look at breast lift before & after the photos below view different kinds of the breast lifts and the scars.

Can breasts sag after breast lift surgery?

Sagging of breast that depends on size of breasts, gravity, pregnancy, as well as time. It applies to the breasts after the breast lift surgery. But, the breast lift surgery seems to lessen rate of the breast sag after the surgery. Discuss it with the breast surgeon.

Do I need mammogram before the breast lift surgery?

The breast surgeon might need mammogram before the surgery and I had 2 mammograms & with right technician that doesn´t hurt.

What are the risks of the breast lift surgery?

The potential surgical risks & complications of the breast lift surgery are same to that of the breast augmentation surgery that you will read here. You need to be aware that it will take many months prior to the breasts take final shape & form. In order, to avoid the bad plastic surgery, make sure to research the breast surgeon. Crescent Breast Lift  (making use of incision 10 o’clock – 2 o’clock around top of areolar border) will raise nipple 1 to 2 centimeters.

Donut Breast Lift or Binelli Breast Lift and concentric mastopexy (making use of incision around outer border of areola will raise nipple over four centimeters), will raise nipple 2 to 4 centimeters. Lollipop Breast Lift and Vertical Breast Lift (making lollipop shaped incision around outer border of areola & extending it downwards towards inframammary crease of breast) will lift nipple up to six centimeters up breast.