Silicone Implants Thailand

What is Silicone Breast Implants?

Patient must have heard about the safety of silicone filled breast implants. The women patients who are wishing to undergo breast augmentation, Silicone filled breast implants can be the best option for them. In November 2006, the procedure of Silicone implant was approved for women of all ages who need breast reshape. By understanding the advantage and disadvantages of the available implant options patient can make a best decision for breast implant surgery.  Thailand is the most famous place for silicone breast implant. The availability of experienced and trained doctor in Thailand make a great way for patient to have their surgery in Thailand.

What happens if silicone implants ruptures?

The memory Gel implants are not the liquids, and they are the semi-solid and you may cut the implant in half & it can stay in 2 pieces and in case, implant ruptures, and it is changed.

Preponderance of the data will not show event to get associated with any kind of the disease. And it is my view that safety data is why the silicone implants were approved.

Why is there age of 22 for the breast augmentation?

FDA required the limitation and agrees women who select the breast augmentation should get ready physically & emotionally. Whereas there are eighteen year old women who are informed as one that are older, ruling is from 18th birthday till 22nd birthday you can select saline implants.

Are there same age restrictions for the saline breast implants?

Labeling for the saline breast implants limits breast augmentation to the patients eighteen years and older.

MemoryGel Implants: More Evolved Implant

o Highly compliant shell ease of the placement through the standard incision

o Lifetime replacement guarantee

o Multi layered barrier inhibits the silicone gel bleed

o Proprietary formula for feel, which is same to the actual breast tissue

o Moderate, and moderate plus, as well as high profile choices give a wide range of projection every base width in the round gel implants

o Best quality materials that are used to optimize the implant integrity Gel implants, and contrary to what lots of people believe, and were never taken off market. While controversy started in 1991, the implants were been reclassified & had to begin over again like they were invented, From until November 2006 they were just accessible in FDA approved study of the gel implants under care of the approved investigator. After November 2006, in case, you are more than 22 years old that you are likely to choose the silicone implants.