History of breast Implants

Which procedure was preferred by surgeon for breast surgery?

The history of breast implant is not that great that the patient can found today. In the beginning stage it could be life threatening for patient who wants to have breast enlargement surgery. Since 1890 doctors are trying to perform breast enlargement surgery. During the process the doctors used to inject paraffin wax for the enlargement of the breast. This was provides some side effects on the patient´s body such as infections, migration and hard lump in the breast.  After huge controversy the surgeon are now prefer the fat transfer breast augmentation procedure to perform on patient. This procedure was favoring by many surgeon for breast implant.

Who performed the surgery first?

The breast implantation has happened since 19th century; the Vincenz Czerny is been attributed with performing earliest recorded operation at 1985 by transplanting benign growth from the woman’s back. And in early 20th century, various other substances were been used in the breast implants, like: grounded rubber, ivory, polyester and sponge. By 50’s & 60’s, many synthetics were used in the breast augmentation, most famous of which came in form of the silicone injections (that were received by estimated 50,000 women).

Which one was the best?

From 1960’s onwards, substances yielding most effectual results in the breast implants were Silicone and Saline. The saline-filled implants were first used in France at 1964 with benefit to be positioned making use of smaller incisions. All these implants also come in form of the silicone elastomer shells that are all filled with the salt water after shells when placed inside chest. This also has advantage of the smaller scarring while compared to the silicone gel implants (that are all filled before placed in body). The saline implants were prevalent during 90’s because of legal limitations of the silicone implants. Whereas3 saline implants might yield pleasing results, and they are likely to cause any cosmetic problems while compared to silicone counterparts. The problems include: wrinkles, skin ripples, as well as unnatural appearances.

When was silicone breast implants developed?

Silicone breast implants were developed originally by 2 cosmetic surgeons, Frank Gerow and Thomas Cronin. First successful operation also took place at 1962. Evolution of the silicone breast augmentation is categories by 5 generations of the technical advancements. First generation implants came in form of the tear drop shaped sacks, and filled with the thick silicone gel with patch on outer-shell.

Second generation implants also arose in 1970’s as the attempt to make natural looking feeling the breasts. Manufactured result had thinner, and less dense gels as well as thinner shells.