Fat Grafting Thailand

Why fat grafting Thailand?

If a patient wants to go for breast augmentation process, but she is not really keen for implants or fat transfer, then fat grafting is the right option for her. As far as fat grafting is concerned, the surgeons will take fat from different body parts such as thigh and buttocks where they are present in good amount and implant that fat at the beast area. This is also known as the autologous fat transplantation. In this way the surgeons can really grab the right shape of the breast and can offer their patient the right and desired breast size easily.

What is fat grafting?

The Fat grafting -as well referred as the free fat transfer – is actually 2 procedures. First fat is been harvested from a part of body and after that it is been injected in treatment area. The cosmetic procedure is used to rejuvenate face, augment cheeks and lips, and correct problems like hollowness over eyes and acne scars. The fat grafting will get used as the corrective measure while too much facial fat is removed during the facial rejuvenation treatment like the facial liposuction and buccal fat extraction.

At what age will fat grafting be done?

The fat grafting is done at any age for helping to correct the deep acne scars and fix facial asymmetry. The other applications – the lip augmentation and cheek augmentation, filling in the hollows in face – are generally reserved for the people in 20s & up.

What does typical fat grafting consultation also entail?

During the fat grafting consultation, and you meet & interview the plastic surgeon that specializes in procedure going over the aesthetic goals & learn more about treatment options. Surgeon can discuss what will realistically be achieved with the fat grafting, review risks of procedure, determine amount of te augmentation you may need & lay out a cost. Two of you can discuss the medical history. And this is good time ask to see the photos of the previous patients so that you may see in case, you like surgeonĀ“s work.

How is fat grafting done?

The fat grafting is office based treatment that is generally done under the local topical anesthesia. Fat used in the fat grafting is been harvested through the liposuction from elsewhere in body, generally area where you have a few to spare. Fat is after that sterilized, processed as well as injected in target site in the process named autologous fat transplantation and microlipoinjection.

What I must expect postoperatively?

You may also expect to be swollen, sore and bruised at donor site & treatment site. The surgeon can tell you how you can care for treatment area, and that includes staying out of sun when you are healing.