Choosing Your Implant Size

Why patients need to choose their implant size?

Often, surgeons in Thailand know that different patients are having different preferences when they are coming to them for having the breast implant surgery. In order to meet patient´s requirements now surgeons in Thailand are offering different size frame in which the breast implant like surgery will be performed. In order to get the best result, surgeons are now asking their patients to choose the implant size so that after surgery they will not receive any complain about the breast size. In this way, the patients are also getting a sheer chance to choose the right breast size for the implant and which they have desired since a long time.

Over 1/3rd of breast implant revision treatments are to change the breast implant size. As, all same costs & risks exist for the second operation, and read below how you can choose very well. Take time, have fun, as well as select right breast implant size for first time. Research before & after photos of the breast implant sizes that are found on internet and make use of the websites, which categorize sizes like “A to C”, “AA – D”, and so on.

Consult with the plastic surgeon and they can talk with you regarding your proportions & what range of the breast implant sizes can work for the body. Try on the breast implant sizers at doctors office and stand in front of office mirror for checking out the profile. Now you are set for fun part–wear Purlz Breast Sizing in various clothing & in daily activities. Wear different size every week till you find favorite breast implant shape and size.

Take before & after photos of the body with breast implant sizers and bring these pictures to the final consultation with doctor. Wear the favorite breast implant shape and size from breast sizing system to doctors office. The communication of goal size is essential. To show him what you would like body to look as if is most effectual method to show what the breast implant size that you want. You will have around twenty minutes at doctors office and try on the sizes. Breast sizing system also allows you “test-drive” the breast implant size. Start wearing smallest size first for one week. Gradually make use of the larger breast implant sizers every week thereafter. Gather some feedback from the family & friends.