Breast Implants Placement Options

Which options are available for breast implants?

There are many things patients have to consider while they are opting for breast augmentation surgery including incision pattern and implant placement, implant size and type. Patient´s breast implant can be placed directly under natural breast tissue or under pectoral muscles. Patient should know the benefit and risk of breast implant placement option. The decision on implant placement is made by the plastic surgeon depending on the size of the breast implants, body size and type and other related factors. It is an ideal option for patient to educate themselves about the different option, their risk and their benefits.

What are breast implant placement options?

Generally, the breast implants are placed straight under the natural breast tissue (subglandular and over muscle placement), under the pectoral muscles (submuscular and under -muscle placement) and behind the breast tissue as well as partially under pectoral as well as other chest muscles (the partial submuscular placement).

Should implants get placed over and under chest muscle?

The decision must be made with the surgeon that is based on anatomy & your preferences. Also, there are some advantages & disadvantages. In case, you have small breasts & relatively thin skin, then you might have to go under chest muscle as this can give more of padding between implant and skin, and give you better cosmetic result.

What is difference between the breast implants that are placed over pectoralis muscle & placed underneath it?

In case, the implants are been placed over muscle, then top edge of implant is visible, making distinct cleavage line, which extends up over top of breast. In case, the implants are placed under muscle, then upper edge of implant is less distinct.

When you must place breast implants behind muscle?

In case, you are very small breasted, muscle is required to help to cover breast implant. In case, you would like to go to large size (then full D cup and larger) as well as have thin skin & little subcutaneous tissue, muscle is required to cover implant.

Can I have the breast implants to be placed behind muscle with transumbilical insertion?

Yes, you may have the breast implants that are placed underneath pectoralis major muscle with TUBA technique. At time of TUBA, C-shaped incision is been made in belly button & empty saline implants are then moved in place making use of the endoscopy, procedure where surgeon makes use of small fiber optic camera for viewing interior of breast.