Breast Implant Incisions

How the incision procedure will be done?

There are mainly four options for breast implant incisions including incisions around the nipple, in the armpit, under the breast in the inframammary crease and via the belly button. It depends on the surgeon how he or she prefers to make incisions pattern for the patient´s breast augmentation.  The incisions also depend on the type and size of breast. Saline filled breast implants can be placed via a transumbillical incision. The transumbilliucal breast surgery incision is normally stay hidden within your belly button. TUBA is execute using a  supple tube that has a small camera on the end of it to sent the image on to the TV screen so the surgeon can imagine the procedure.

How many kinds of the breast implant incisions are available?

There are 4 basic locations for the incisions in the breast augmentation surgery. And they include:

* Inframammary. Incision is situated in crease below every breast.

* Periareolar incision.

* Transaxillary.

* Transumbilical.

Which breast augmentation incision is good?

You will see that there is not any one size fits incision for the breast implants surgery. Also, it is one of many decisions that you should make together with the board certified surgeon. The incision pattern also depends on a lot of factors, like implant type, size, anatomy, lifestyle, as well as the surgeon’s preferences.

How long are the breast augmentation incisions?

Answer depends on a lot of factors, that includes the incision placement and implant surface, type as well as size. For instance, incisions for the transumbilical breast augmentation are short & not visible. Generally, the incisions are anywhere from one inch to four inches. The larger implant sizes might need the longer incisions. The prefilled silicone breast implants require the larger incisions than the saline breast implants that are all filled when they are implanted.

Can breast lift & breast augmentation done with same incision?

Yes. In case, you have the breast lift, then your implants are placed through same incisions.

Can bra irritate the breast augmentation lines?

Yes, it will. In case, the incisions have closed, then try to wear the elastic bandage, and wrap foam padding such as EpIfoam around breasts. You may also wear bra over both of this.

Does transumbilical breast augmentation incision decrease risk of the staph infections?

Few surgeons have also found that chances of the staph infection are been reduced in case, breast implants are been placed through naval when compared with the incisions on breast, mainly periareolar incisions. This is just because the periareolar breast implants are all passed through milk ducts, and where the staph bacteria are found in a natural form.