Breast Implant FAQ

What type of question you should ask the surgeon before breast implant?

If a patient wants to have breast implant, then she has to know about the various types of breast implants, their risk and their benefits. They can ask their surgeon some frequent questions before having breast implant surgery. The question should be the following

  • What are the dissimilarities between smooth and textured breast enlargement?
  • How long can be a breast surgery last?
  • Are silicone-gel filled breast implants safe?
  • What is overfilling and what are its side effects?
  • Can saline-filled breast implants harden?
  • What are the dissimilarities between round and contoured breast implants?

When I can start the physical activity after the surgery?

Recovery period is one – two weeks.

Driving is also restricted for two weeks, and lifting as well as reaching up with arms. The elbows should be kept at waist for two weeks that means not any pullover shirts as well as no combing of hair. The limited exercise (stationary bike and walking) are resumed in 2 weeks with the doctor´s approval. Complete exercise is resumed at five to six weeks. Most of the patients return work around 7 – 10 days after surgery in case, job performance needs light duty, like office work, and sales, and so on.

You will have to sleep on back for six to eight weeks after the surgery.

When I can return to work after the surgery?

Most of the patients return to the work about one week after the surgery.

You will have to sleep on the back for some weeks after the surgery.

* Are the breast implants dangerous to health?

* Will I breastfeed after the surgery?

* Do breast implants that last forever?

* Do I want to be eighteen to get the breast implants?

* How is the breast augmentation surgery done?

* How long it takes to recover from the breast augmentation surgery?

* How much breast augmentation actually cost?

* Is that true I will get the implants without even leaving scars?

* What kinds of the breast implants are accessible?

* When I can return to the work after surgery?

* When I can begin the physical activity after the surgery?

* Which is much safer – silicone and saline?

* Will I have the sensation after the surgery?