What is the TUBA related FAQS arise in the patients mind?

In the short forms the breast augmentation is also know as the TUBA. There are many questions arising in the patients mind such as:

  • Is the TUBA really workable?
  • Is the TUBA suitable for the patients?
  • Can the implants placed under the chest muscles with the TUBA?
  • What are the different types of TUBA using the process?
  • What are the advantages and benefits the patients get from process?
  • ¬†Are the TUBA risky one?
  • What are the disadvantages occurs due to TUBA?
  • What are times required to recover from the critical process?
  • Is the TUBA suitable for them?

Can the revision breast augmentation done through TUBA?

Answer to question generally depends on reason that you need the revision breast implant. In case, you have the implants replaced as they ruptured, new incision is made in same place as the original incision. Breast implant can then get removed as well as replaced.

What kind of the implants are used during the TUBA?

The saline-filled implants are only kind of the implants, which is placed through TUBA. The saline implants are been filled when they are been implanted, thus they are inserted through tiny TUBA incisions. So, by contrast, the silicone gel implants are all prefilled & should get implanted through larger incisions.

Does TUBA carry lower risk of the infection?

Yes. Surgery does carry risk of the infection, however with the TUBA, risk is much lower than other breast implant incision patterns. With the TUBA, incision is not close breast tissue as well as breast implant is not at all passed through any of the areas in breast where the staph bacteria live.

What are benefits of TUBA?

Few of advantages of TUBA procedure also include virtually undetectable scar, the lower risk of the infection, shorter surgery, as well as faster recovery than with some other breast implant incision patterns. Additionally, there are not any incisions on and around breast so that there is not any risk to lose the sensation in area from the nerve damage.

What are disadvantages of the TUBA?

TUBA will be done making use of saline filled implants and few women might prefer natural feel of the silicone gel implants to water balloon feel of the saline implants. As well, TUBA incision is made far from actual implant location, thus there is greater margin for the error and best method to protect yourself is choosing the board certified surgeon who has lots of experience doing TUBA. Ask and view before & after pictures of some other women who had the TUBA at same plastic practice.