Implant Placement

Why the implant placement FAQS required?

New breast or implant breasts can be placed under the skin of the breast area. So, it may create minimal health problem like infection or skin problem. Due to these reasons, the patients want to know more about their surgery through the various implant placement FAQS before going under it. These questions are related to various health requirements such as:

  • Is the implant placement surgical process suitable for the patients?
  • Are the implant placed under or above the cheats area?
  •  Can the process create any major health problem in future?
  •  Can the implant placement is suitable for ever?

Your Options In The Breast Implant Placement

As, there are 3 anatomical placements for the breast implants that will affect overall appearance, ptosis, movement, as well as future mammogram results and these placements are:

* Subglandular (known as the overs)

* Subpectoral (known as partial unders, and partial submuscular)

* Full Submuscular (known as the full unders)


With the subglandular placement, pocket is been made within breast envelope, under glands & fatty tissue.  Implant is then placed within pocket as well as has most natural movement.  But, you should have the adequate tissue to hide breast implant.  Pluses of the subglandular placement is when you make use of the pectoral muscles, while moving naturally and while working out, breast implants don´t “jump” and move unnaturally.  Downside is you can see edges of a few breast implants, a few patients feel their breasts start to sag it prematurely with added weight.  One more downside is while getting the mammogram, subglandular placement of implant makes that difficult to fully see breast tissue as well as may interfere with abnormal diagnoses. In case, you have the breast cancer in family history, then you might want to consider this as well as opt for the subpectoral or else full submuscular placement that will allow the complete view of breast tissue.  Risk of the Capsular Contracture is been thought to be much higher in the subglandular placement like opposed to the subpectoral and full submuscular.


With the subpectoral placement, pectoralis major that is largest muscle of chest wall, is been dissected away from smaller chest muscle (named pectoralis minor).  The pocket is made behind larger muscle as well as implant is been placed in area.  That depends on size of breast implant, pectoralis major muscle can cover around 2/3 of breast implant.  The coverage better hides as well as contour irregularities that is apparent from insertion of breast implant.  The patients with little or no breast tissue are advised having the breast implant placement.  As, breast implant is covered partially by pectoralis major, the mammograms have very less interference from implant and thus clearer reading is likely.