Complications FAQs

What are breast treatment complications?

All type of surgical treatments is having complications as well as the breast treatment is also having some complications. So, the patient will need to gather all information about the breast treatment and the after treatment´s complication from FAQs. The breast treatment is a permanent solution through which patient can get accurate shape and size for their damaged breast. The FAQs can help the patient to know all details about the breast surgery. If the patients are requiring additional details about the breast complication, then the patient can contact to the qualified surgeon through their contact details.

Potential Complications Following The Surgery

Prior to you select to undergo the breast augmentation surgery, and it is very important to know a lot you may about potential risks as well as complications from the breast implants. Selecting the experienced & board certified plastic surgeon will reduce likelihood of the post operative complications as well as unsatisfactory results. Also, it is very important to note, that irrespective of type of the implant that is used or way it is been placed, it is likely that you may have to have one and more additional surgeries over course of the life due to complications and other breast implant troubles. The potential reasons for the secondary breast surgery include capsular contracture, ruptured breast implants, displacement, rippling, as well as infection.

Capsular Contracture

It´s part of body´s natural response form the layer of the scar tissue over breast implant when it heals. The scar tissue is been referred as capsule and when capsule starts to contract, it makes pressure on new implant, and causing pain, hardening of breast, as well as distortion of breast shape. This will take place to one and both of breasts and there are a few evidence to suggest capsular contracture is avoided just by placing breast implant under chest muscle instead on the top.

Degree of the patient´s capsular contracture is been measured by Baker Grading System. At grade one, breast is soft & looks natural that is to say there is not any noticeable capsular contracture & everything is good. The grade 2 breast is firmer than it must be, however looks very normal. In this stage, the surgery is not at all warranted, however it is sign that capsule is starting to contract & must get watched very carefully. Grade 3 is point at which breast is firm as well as has started to look abnormal. In grade four, breast is very hard, painful, as well as will not look very natural. In order, to repair breast implants at grade three and four, surgery is needed.