Breast Implant Recovery FAQ

What question patient should ask their surgeon?

Before going for a breast implant surgery patient should ask their surgeon about the risk, side effect and the recovery time of the surgery. There are few questions you can ask your surgeon before having a breast implant surgery. The questions are the following

  • How long it will take to have some exercise after the breast augmentation has been done?
  • How long before the patient´s breast implant drop?
  • How soon the patient can go back to work after breast surgery?
  •  Why do patient´s breasts appear red and feel sunburned?

To recover from breast augmentation patient should take regular medication.

Steps hastening recovery from the breast implant:

o Ice packs are applied after surgery as well as will help with discomfort as well as swelling.

o Sleeping on the stomach must be avoided a well as it is preferable sleeping in the upright position.

o Precautions suggested by cosmetic surgeon should get followed & required antibiotics & analgesics taken.

o After 1 to 2 weeks one may go back to the daily routine however strenuous work should get avoided for some weeks or advised by surgeon.

o For the patients with the smooth implants massaging must be done after 24 to 48 hours of surgery.

o At clinic, Thailand it is made sure all clients are very clear on post operative care & precautions is taken for speedy recovery from the breast implant.

* Factors effecting the recovery from the breast augmentation:

o Patients can generally get advised about recovery period that depends on age, body shape, no matter whether implant is been placed below and above muscle, and so on.

o Younger patients generally have the faster recovery from the breast augmentation.

o Implants that are placed under muscle will need more incisions & recovery period will be a bit longer than for the implants placed over muscle.

o Rushing recovery from the breast augmentation will just make situation worse as well as it is good to take surgeon´s advice as well as suggestions very seriously. Straining doing some strenuous activities will cause you harm & actually increase recovery from the breast implant. It is been advised you take initial period of recovery from the breast implant simple.