Breast Implant FAQs

What is breast implants?

It is a finest surgery procedure through which patients are getting their actual breast size and shape. It can be done by the well qualified surgeon and also can be performed by the high end medical technology. It is a quick method through which patient can feel the tighten skin and perfect breast size in a small time gap of treatment. A patient can get all information about the treatment from breast implant FAQs, because the surgeon will explain all details of breast implants. So, the patients will get full knowledge about the breast implants, and the patient will take perfect decision for rectifying the damaged breast.

Breast Implant Basics

The breast implants are the small, and medical grade sacs that are comprised of the elastomer shell with the self-sealing filling located on front and back. The breast implants are been filled with the silicone gel or sterile saline solution. ¬†Few implants are all pre-filled, however most are been filled after the surgery. It is filling, which blows implant up like water balloon for increasing the breast size. The saline implants are most common kind of the implant used now because of FDA’s ban on use of the silicone breast implants in Thailand (though the silicone implants are available in some circumstances).

The breast implants come in various sizes and shapes. Size of the breast implants is been measured in the cubic centimeters, and they increase size of the woman’s breasts a cup size each 175 – 200 ccs.

Implant Shape

The size is not an only issue consider while discussing the implants and to get safest as well as natural looking results, the breast implants are all made with various features in your mind. First of the features is the shape and breast implants also come in 2 shapes: round & contoured.  Round implants are most common kind of the implant used and lots of women select the round implants as they generally tend to give greatest amount of the lift, fullness as well as cleavage. Few women, find round implants fake looking as well as opt for natural looking choices.

The contoured implants have more tear drop shape mimic anatomical shape of breasts. The contoured implants were developed for the breast reconstruction however have also become very popular in the augmentation surgery for the women who would like more natural shape. Best shape for job is generally worked out surgeon & patient, as well as variables that they consider are:

* Amount of the tissue surgeon needs to work

* Patient’s anatomy

* Where surgeon places implant in breast

Thing to keep in mind is placement of implant has far greater effect on final look of augmentation than shape of an implant.