Tuberous Breasts Thailand

What is Tuberous Breast?

Patients that are suffering from snoopy breasts are not living a better life! There are several options now patients can avail to get rid of their Tuberous Breasts. This has managed to evolve as a common problem and can be treated perfectly under the keen supervision of surgeon. These Tuberous Breasts are long and narrow in appearance. The skin below the nipple will remain tight and the areola will become protrude. It will create a conical shape for the breasts which is not often admired by women. Now it´s the breast enhancement surgery that can offer patients better results when they want to treat Tuberous Breasts. Tuberous breasts are all named for resemblance to the tuberous plant root. Also, they are been characterized by the constriction at base of breast, like someone had pulled drawstring around bottom of breast.

This is developmental “deformity” of the varying severity and in most of the severe cases breast tissue is been “squeezed” very tightly by constriction at base, which it “herniates” behind areola. The milder cases are been characterized by tight inframammary fold, and often with te downward pointing nipple or areola. Augmentation alone generally cannot give the good looking of breast except in the mild forms; generally a few kind of the mastopexy is essential to reduce herniation of tissue behind areola & expand base of breast.

Tuberous, or else tubular, breasts are narrow and long. Skin below nipple is very tight, and nipples & areola might protrude. In place of coveted dome shape, tuberous breast looks very much like cone and congenital deformity, the tuberous breasts will happen in men & women. Condition is mild and severe and in case, you are bothered by the tuberous breasts, then you might benefit from the breast enhancement surgery.

Surgical Options

There are many surgical choices to correct the tuberous breasts. Surgery with the areolar incision and one common tubular correction surgery also involves making the incision around areolae. It is then followed by the series of the clockwise internal incisions for releasing tight breast tissues. The surgery is generally done on the outpatient basis under the general anesthesia and that takes around 2 to 3 hours to complete. You should wear the surgical dressings as well as light compression garment for some days. You may also resume the light activities in first week & most of the usual activities in 3 weeks and your stitches are removed within one week.