Why the Tuba FAQ required?

In the world of medical science, there are many advanced techniques invented to solve any critical process in smooth way. However, FAQ is always important for the patients through which they can stay aware about the surgical process. In case of TUBA FAQ the patients can know more about the actual process. In the medical term the breast augmentation is also know as the TUBA surgery. In this regard, the patients are wants to known about the entire process as well as capability of the process. Finally, is the TUBA causing any type of life risk?

Is TUBA scarless?

TUBA incisions are all made in belly button & are not at all visible.

Can the breast implants get placed under pectoral muscle with the TUBA?

Yes. The breast implants are placed underneath partially pectoralis major muscle with the TUBA.

Are tracks visible after the TUBA?

During the TUBA, surgeon makes an incision in navel then, making use of the endoscopic equipment, makes 2 tunnels (and one to every breast) underneath the skin. Implants are all placed, and after that filled, through the tunnels. Tissues along tunnels generally adhere to the body, leaving not any visible trace when healing. In the rare instances, tissues donĀ“t adhere, and you might see the tracks.

Can the revision breast augmentation be completed through TUBA?

Answer to the question depends on reason that you need revision breast augmentation. In case, you have the implants replaced as they ruptured, new incision are made in same place as the original incision. Breast implant can then be replaced and removed.

What kind of the breast implants are used during the TUBA?

The saline filled implants are only kind of the implants that are placed through TUBA. The saline implants are been filled when they are been implanted, thus they are inserted through tiny TUBA incisions. And by contrast, the silicone gel implants are been prefilled & should get implanted through the larger incisions.

Does TUBA carry the lower risk of the infection?

Yes. Any of the surgery carries the risk of infection, however with the TUBA, and this risk is much lower than with other breast augmentation incision styles. With TUBA, incision is not close to breast tissue as well as breast implant is not at all passed through areas in breast where bacteria live naturally.