Prophylactic Mastectomy Thailand

Why the prophylactic mastectomy required?

After the surgery of the cancer many women are loosing their body shape as well as confidence as before. In this regard, the patients are also required to follow various reactions after the surgical process. In this way, they are never maintaining their life in proper way. In this way, Prophylactic mastectomy is the best way for the patients that can even change the cancer diagnosis that patients will never face any critical problem like before.  Prophylactic mastectomy is also know as the electively remove the breasts.  Due to these reasons, the risk percentage is decrease over the patients during or after the surgical process.

Is prophylactic mastectomy correct for you?

In case, you are in high risk to develop breast cancer, and you are exploring possible ways, which you may reduce the risk. Whereas prophylactic mastectomy will significantly reduce the risk to develop breast cancer, the surgery is as well serious option that will have the considerable impact on the life.

There are a lot of factors to think of while deciding on the risk reduction strategy, thus take some time that you have to talk to the doctor & family members about different methods you may lower the risk. You are considering risk reducing measures like prophylactic mastectomy if:

* You have strong family history of the breast cancer: Mother, sister, and daughter had the breast cancer, particularly before age fifty.

* You have tested positive for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations that increase risk of the breast cancer.

* You have personal history of the breast cancer, and making you likely to develop the new cancer in opposite breast than somebody who has not had the breast cancer.

* You are diagnosed with the lobular carcinoma in situ that is shown to increase risk to develop the invasive breast cancer.

* You had the radiation therapy to chest before age thirty that increases risk of the breast cancer throughout life.

* You have spread the breast microcalcifications (small deposits of the calcium in breast tissue), and you have the dense breasts. in case, your doctor finds the cluster of the microcalcifications in breast, it will at times mean that the breast cancer is there. In case, you have the dense breasts, it is very difficult for the doctors to diagnose the breast abnormalities & at times needs removal of the tissue samples to study microscope (biopsy). In case, person needs to undergo the multiple biopsies due to microcalcifications and dense breasts, scar tissue, which is made will complicate mammography & physical examination.