Nipple Tattoing Thailand

What is Nipple Tattoing?

Nipple Tattoing is also known as the Areola re-pigmentation which has also been considered as the final step that a surgeon uses to take after breast reconstruction like surgery. This sort of surgical process is also known as the micro pigmentation or a permanent make-up. This sort of process can be often performed by the surgeon in order to conceal a scar or it can even enhance the appearance of patient´s nipples cosmetically. In order to go through Nipple Tattoing, the patient needs to discuss her objectives and concerns with the surgeon. This is the right time when the right color and size of the nipple can be achieved. There are also surgeons who will accomplish a spot color to determine which color will match the patient´s skin.

Preparing for the Areola Repigmentation

Prior to undergoing areola repigmentation you may have to discuss about your goals as well as concerns with the provider. And this is time to bring up the nipple color & size. Few technicians can perform the spot color test for ensuring color matches the skin tone & meets the aesthetic goals. You must also avoid aspirin, alcohol; ibuprofen as well as other non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs; and some dietary supplements such as vitamin E for a week before procedure. These will increase the risk of bleeding and ask provider for full list of the instructions about what you must, and must not, do prior to the surgery.

Areola Repigmentation Treatment

The Areola repigmentation involves about implanting hypoallergenic pigments in top layers of the skin with tattoo gun or else pen. To start, technician can inspect the skin to ensure that it is very healthy for the areola repigmentation. Then, he / she can clean area with the alcohol or spray that with antiseptic solution. Technician can then transfer stencil of tattoo and draw desired shape on the skin. Few providers may make use of the topical numbing cream and another kind of the anesthesia.

Tattoos are been applied with tattoo gun and pen and these devices have 1 to 14 needles that are attached to them for implanting colors. The “needle bar” get up & down quickly. Speed & power of tattoo gun and pen is been controlled by foot switch and pedal.

Technician makes use of single needle (and micro-needle) to make delicate line. After that, row of 4 to 36 needles is been used for shading & for denser areas of the nipple. Generally, areola repigmentation procedure takes 45 minutes to do. You might need the touch up appointment down road.