Nipple Reduction Thailand

What is nipple reduction surgery?

Due to breast feeding patients may come across an elongated nipple. Weight gain and nipple piercing like issues can even make the right call for nipple elongation. There are also some men and women that are having elongated nipple from their birth. Whatever be the cause may be if a patient wants to gain a perfect nipple, then it´s time to opt for the nipple reduction at Thailand. In order to get rid of such embarrassing situation now patients can contact surgeons in Thailand who are having a great expertise in nipple reduction like surgical means. During this surgery, the surgeons will lessen up the length of the nipples. There are a few ways that surgeons may take into account in order to perform nipple reduction surgery.

Pre Operative Care

Inform surgeon of allergies, all the medical conditions, as well as any medication, which you are taking (prescription & non-prescription). Avoid aspirin & blood thinning medication like brufen for 2 weeks before the surgery to eliminate chance of the post op. bleeding. You must not smoke for two weeks before the surgery as this might affect reaction to anaesthetic & prolong healing process. The patients who suffer from the hypertension must inform surgeon before surgery.

Post Operative Care

You might have to return in one week to have stitches taken out, however generally this is not essential as dissolvable stitches are used. You can shower following day. Most of the patients will return to the work & resume normal activities within one day.


Following the surgery your nipple are balanced & proportionate in shape and size to rest of the breast.

Risks & complications

The risks are totally inherent to any of the surgical procedure and most common risks are bruising, swelling, infection, bleeding, numbness, fluid, and change in the sensation to nipple, but they are all rare & always temporary. Most common risks particular to the surgery are all minimal pain & swelling. The surgeon can administer painkillers as well as anti-inflammatory medication so any soreness as well as swelling can generally disappear by second or else third day. This treatment will not generally affect ability to do breastfeeding.