Lymphedema Thailand

What is Lymphedema?

There are several risks associated with the breast surgery! These risks are always needed to be considered when a patient is deciding to go through breast surgery. There are few complicated issues and some of these risks factors are temporary and can be managed easily. However, it´s the Lymphedema which can be termed as a breast surgery complication. But the miserable fact is that most of the women don´t know about this sort of risk factor. Lymphedema comprises of building up of a fluid in the soft body tissues that also use to come into act when Lymphatic system use to get damaged or blocked due to some reasons.

Why I need to exercise?”

Right exercise stimulates flow of the lymph and muscle contraction as well as changes in the pressure in chest from the deep breathing cause and changes in the pressure on lymphatic vessels. While muscles contract against compression of compression bandages and compression garments that are worn on affected limb this makes changes in the tissue pressures, which help lymph to flow.

Why I need to wear compression garment or bandages while I exercise?”

When the individual has the lymphedema, pressure of edema stretches skin so it no longer gives firm surface for muscles for contracting against. The exercise causes increased of blood flow that caused the increase in the lymph load in already compromised limb. Compression of garment or bandage gives “new firm skin” for muscles to contract so that pressure is exerted on lymph vessels as well as fluid can move. Without garment or bandage, skin can stretch and force of muscle contraction cannot get translated to lymph vessels. Involved limb can swell little more in case, you exercise without any compression.

Why I have to change compression garment two times in a day?”

The compression garments are all made of the elastic materials, which stretch out when wearing for around 12 hours. Areas where limb bends stretch out over rest of garment and after that those areas will not get correct amount of the compression which will allow pooling of the edema fluid that will cause the constriction at these areas. Few individuals will wear compression garments every day & night as well as don´t need to bandage the involved limb in night. The individuals must change the garments in morning as well as again in evening. Some others might have to apply the compression bandages for the nighttime wear and use the alternative device like Reid sleeve, Jovi or Tribute. Consult with the treatment team for discuss which choice is correct for you.