Breast Reconstruction Thailand

What is breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is an advanced plastic surgical process required to reshape the breast that has been damaged due to breast cancer or any other cases. Due to these reasons, the patients are loosing their self confidence and never like to stand before others only for their odd body shape. Now day´s due to advanced medical science the patients should get quick life from the problem with the help of breast reconstruction process. In this regard, Thailand is the right place for the patients because they can solve all their surgical related facility and service in cheap instead of other area.

In case, you have been diagnosed with the breast cancer, and are selecting to have the prophylactic mastectomies for genetic mutation, doctor can help you to understand everything that there is know about the reconstruction. No matter if you would like to learn which of the procedure is correct for you, and find out how you can prepare for the surgery, or want to read some stories from the women who are all undergoing reconstruction, and we have that right here.

It is not very simple task to make the big surgical decisions in face of the breast cancer, and especially while there is overwhelming amount of the information presented by doctors, friends and family. First choice that you are faced with is if you have lumpectomy and mastectomy. Prior to making this decision, you have to know the risk factors for second cancer in unaffected breast. Also, it might be beneficial to have the genetic testing. That depends on size, location, as well as characteristics of the tumor, breast surgeon will present you with many surgical choices. To put this information together can help to determine appropriate course of the action for you.

Whereas it is very normal to feel sense of the urgency to want cancer removed immediately, and it is very important to make the educated choices are not at all rushed. It is not likely to take some weeks from biopsy to surgery can put you in jeopardy. At this time you must establish the breast management team of the doctors, that includes breast surgeon, oncologist, plastic surgeon, as well as radiation oncologist. When you consult with them, you may make the informed choices about the breasts & health.  They also give list of the questions that will serve as reference during the initial appointment with plastic surgeon.