Breast Lift Thailand

Why the breast lift process required?

In the medical term, the breasts lift is also known as the mastoplexy or mastopexy. It is a suitable surgical process for women who are suffering from the sagging breasts problem. This is problem arise due to excess skin tissues are store around the nipple area of the patients. After the surgical process the patients can get youthful and younger appearance. There are many types of breast lift process is available in the world of medical science that vary according to the patients problem. In this way, Thailand is the best option for the patients where they get some advanced facility and service.

How long will surgery take?

The breast lifts range from the crescent lifts that take around 30 minutes to mastopexy techniques that take many hours to complete. Also, talk to the doctor about time expected for the specific procedure before the surgery.

How I can feel after the surgery?

You will be in the pain as well as disoriented from anesthetic and first two days are worst, however with the proper medication, you may still be very comfortable. To heal can take weeks to months, and that depends depending on procedure chosen, however most of the pain can end in some days to weeks.

What are risks of the breast lift?

All the cosmetic surgeries have some risks and it is very important to discuss about these with doctor before undergoing procedure. Most of the women will not suffer any of the complications from the breast lift, however there is possibility for the infection, and poor operative results and other potential side effects.

What kind of the lift is good for me?

It depends on expectations & present condition of the breasts. Few women just need minor lift & will get away with the less invasive approach, like Benelli lift. Some other women need moderate lift, suc has vertical mastopexy treatment, whereas few might need full lift using anchor incision.

Can I do breast lift with the implants?

Sure, it is popular combination treatment and two surgeries are very easily combined & will also use same incision for minimizing the tissue damage as well as breast scarring.

My boobs are actually saggy. Is there any hope for me?

Yes, the breast lift will accomplish the significant changes, however does so at the cost. Also, there is to be scarring & breast mound might take a few time to find the natural shape at time of healing.