Breast Lift Recovery Thailand

How the patients should recover from the breast lift?

Recovery is the first and foremost requirements for the patients! So, they are looking for the best surgeons and hospital for the quick recovery from the critical surgical process. However, it is depending of both the patients and surgeon how they smoothly handle the entire process. It is always better for the patients to follow the entire advice of the surgeons that they offer before and after the surgical process. If the patients choose Thailand for their surgical process, then they never worried the process due to advanced medical facility and skilled surgeons.

The breast size treatments are done to increase and decrease size of breast. Two kinds of the breast size treatments are the breast augmentation, and implants, as well as breast reduction. With earliest experiments in the breast size treatments documented in 1890s by the doctor who attempted the breast enlargement with the paraffin injections, research all along with public’s interest subsided till introduction of the liquid silicone in 1950s & 1960s. As the research continues, implanting polyvinyl sponges in1952 to test validity for use like prostheses in the humans, to search for “perfect” & safer implant filler now, demand for the breast size treatments remains constant.


The breast augmentation is surgical treatment that is used for enlarging breast, to balance the difference in size, adjust reduction in the breast volume and following pregnancy and weight loss, as well as reconstructive technique following the breast cancer surgery. Classic technique for the breast augmentation was been developed in early 1960s, at a same time plastic surgeon along make first silicone gel prosthesis. The breast shaped sacks that are made of silicone outer shell & filled with the silicone gel and saline, named implants, are been placed under breast through small incision.

Reports indicate by 1997, 1.8 million women that had got the silicone breast implants, and with around 70 percent undergoing the breast augmentation for the cosmetic reasons, as well as 30 percent for the postmastectomy reconstruction. At times woman having the breast reconstruction after mastectomy may need opposite breast enlarged for making breasts more symmetrical. The breasts that are unequal in the because of trauma and congenital deformity might be corrected with the enlargement procedure.