Breast Implants Risks

What are the risks that may occur during the breast implant process?

Like every surgical process the breast implants patients are also suffering from minimal side effects after the surgery like infection, bleeding, problems in a blood vessel, Blood clots, Tissue death, Loss of sensation of the nipple area and medicine reaction. These are minimal risk the patients can feel for some days after the surgery. If the patients are suffering from these minimal problems for many days, then it´s better for the patients quickly consult with the surgeon for better results. In this regard, the patients can known the actual cause behind the problem.

Risks & Complications

The breast augmentation will give you the fabulous results. But, it poses a few risks, which will lead to the complications and unfavorable results. The page can explain risks & complications that are associated with the breast augmentation surgery.

Risks of the Breast Augmentation

Capsular Contracture

The capsular contracture is scar, which forms over implant, and causing that to feel very firm, look totally unnatural, as well as hurt. While you see the pictures of woman with implants that looks like as if she has the “coconut breasts”, and she more likely has severe capsular contracture. All these are being less common & less severe with the saline implants than with the silicone implants, though the studies are underway for determining whether it is true. In case, you develop the mild capsular contracture, and you might not get bothered by that and might not see you have one. In case, you develop one it is moderate and severe, you can probably need breast surgery for correcting this problem. The surgery involves removing scar & replacing that with new breast implant. Despite this, capsular contracture might return.

Placing breast implant under muscle has lower risk of the capsular contracture than to place an implant over muscle. Talk with the plastic surgeon about some other methods to help to minimize the capsular contracture.

Interference with the Mammography

The breast implants interfere with an ability of the mammogram “see” all your breast tissue. To place implant under muscle allows for least amount of the interference. With breast implant under the muscle, mammograms will “see” around 90% of the breast tissue. With breast implant over muscle mammograms will “see” 75% of the breast tissue.

No matter whether under over muscle, the implants will not interfere with the ability to detect the lumps in self breast examination. The self exams are all found being most successful method to discover majority of the breast cancers.