Breast Auto Augmentation Thailand

Why the breast auto augmentation required?

Breast auto augmentation is required to reshape and rectify the sagging breast problem. This problem is arising due to excess tissue and fat store around the nipple area of the breast. Breast auto augmentation is performed under the general anesthesia that the patients light asleep during the process and never feel much pain. According to the surgeon and hospital the process will little differs due to own techniques. In case of Thailand the surgeons are using some own invented therapy process to remove pain as well as offer quick result within a short period.

Are You the Candidate for the Breast Auto Augmentation?

Is the breast auto augmentation actually viable option? Answer depends on candidate. Whereas silicone & saline breast implants are normally considered gold standard while it comes to the breast augmentation, the breast auto augmentation is the option for a few women. If, you are generally happy with the breast volume however want to add a bit fullness & lift -you have the adequate breast tissue for getting you there – and you are the candidate for the breast auto augmentation. So, first you have to consult with the board certified surgeon who has also experience doing the procedure.

The breast auto augmentation also combines the breast enlargement without any implants with the breast lift to make the higher breasts with projection -what lots of women want. But, the procedure is not at all for everybody. Ideal candidate for the breast auto augmentation has sufficient of breast volume to make fullness she wishes without any implants. For this cause, the breast augmentation will work very well to rejuvenate “deflated” breasts that lots of women experience after the significant loss. In case, scarring is concern, then keep in mind breast auto augmentation scars are same as one for the mastopexy, and breast lift -this is to say, extensive than one associated with the breast augmentation with the implants alone.

During consultation, surgeon can evaluate many factors, that includes degree of the ptosis that you are experiencing. The Ptosis happens naturally when women age & because of pregnancy, breastfeeding as well as massive loss from dieting and weight loss surgery. Degree of the ptosis is been determined by measuring position of the nipple with relation to inframammary crease, and fold, which forms where breast meets your chest. Moderate to the significant sagging that is accompanied by the lost breast volume is treated with the breast auto augmentation.