Breast Augmentation Incision FAQs

What is breast augmentation incision?

A patient can get all details about the breast augmentation from FAQs which may be disclosed by the surgeon. This type of FAQs can help the patient for take accurate decision for breast augmentation. During the breast augmentation, the surgeon will prepare four types of incision on patientĀ“s body such as: crease incision, nipple incision, armpit incision, and belly button incision. With the help of these types of incision surgeon can accomplish the breast augmentation task properly. When the patient will move for the breast augmentation process, before, they need to collect all information about this type of treatment through FAQs.

* Breast augmentation incisions:

o Trans-axillary incision

o Areola incision

o Inframammary fold


Areola Incision:

Periareola and nipple incision is now becoming choice of the large population of the women who have breasts enlarged. Incision is also made at outer edge of areola as well as not within as otherwise incision can heal as well as leave obvious scar on areola. All kinds of the implants, above & below muscle, is placed & removed by the method of the breast augmentation incisions. The biggest benefits of areola incision is surgeon can work closest to breast, and thus in a lot of ways making that less invasive when compared to, say, TUBA incision. The protective `sleeveĀ“ is generally used in areola incision to stop any of the chance to contract bacteria from breast ducts.

Trans axillary incision:

Trans-axillary incision is named armpit incision as well as is been considered to be perfect for hiding away the breast augmentation incisions in folds of skin in armpit. In case surgeon is now working away from breast as well as might or might not need use of the endoscope. It is very important you speak to the surgeon about experience in the breast implant incisions at armpit site. Doctor has performed many successful breast implant through axillary incision.


The Trans-Umbilical Breast Implant is totally based at navel or else belly button. Like trans-axillary incision the breast implany incision is away from breast & will need expertise of the experienced cosmetic surgeon. Essentially breast augmentation incision needs use of the endoscope that makes tunnel through subcutaneous fat for positioning implant at correct position.

Inframammary fold:

Inframammary or else crease incision is the common of all breast augmentation incisions that are available. It also allows placement of the implants over & under muscle as well as allows surgeon to work very close to breast.