Areola Reduction Thailand

Why the areola reduction required?

Areola is one type of pigmented skin that covers around the nipple of the patient´s breasts. There are many reasons behind the problem such as: breastfeeding, genetics, implants and huge weight loss. According to the age of the women the areola is also increasing day by day and turns to be major one. In this regard, areola reduction is the right option for the patients to get relief from the excess areola tissue from the nipple area of the patients and offer an attractive look. Areola reduction is performed under the both the general anesthesia and. local anesthetic according to requirements.

Areola is a pigmented skin over the nipple. Few women think their areolae are very large or puffy, or they stand a lot. This may happen due to genetics, the massive weight loss, implants and breastfeeding. With the age, areolae might stretch and expand.

Areola reduction surgery might help you out and this process removes excess areola tissue as well as improves overall cosmetic look of the areolae.

What you can Expect During & After Areola Reduction Surgery

The areola reduction surgery is generally done under the light sedation, the general anesthesia and local anesthetic. Done in the operating room, surgery generally takes 2 hours for you to complete. Areolae might stretch as breasts start to sag. Thus, the areola reduction surgery is completed in combination with some other breast surgeries like breast lift, the breast reduction and breast augmentation surgery with the implants. In the areola size reduction surgery, the incisions are all made in 2 concentric circles over edges of areola. Then, surgeon removes donut of the tissue & skin, to take care to leave area over nipple intact.

(Nipple is attached to the blood supply & milk ducts and surgeon after that closes incision with the sutures over areola, which are been pulled into tighten skin around areola. Scar is then hidden around edge of areola & can likely fade.

Scars will cause loss of the skin pigmentation, which results in the lightened areas of the skin. So, discuss some potential scar treatments with the surgeon before hand. Example, the areola tattooing, and micropigmentation, will counter the effect by tattooing the pigment in lightened areas so that they blend.  The areolar reduction surgery is generally done on outpatient basis, and you can go to home shortly after the surgery. You will, require somebody to drive home after procedure.

The surgeon must go over the postoperative instructions and you can shower following day, as well as you can probably get allowed to resume most of the activities within some days.