Preparing for Breast Surgery Thailand

Why the preparation for breast surgery required?

It is one of the major issues before any surgical process! So, it is always better for the patients to consult with the surgeon before the surgical process and know the preventions required. However, the patients can get all sorts of facilities and advanced medical services if they are choosing Thailand. Thailand is also known as the best medical tourism center due to advanced medical facility. Thailand hospitals are also loaded with the world nest surgeons that help the patients in every prospectus. So, the patients will never stay worried about the preparation for breast surgery because surgeons are offering much prevention tips before surgery.

What type of the lab work is needed before the breast augmentation surgery?

The surgeon can give you complete list of the preoperative instructions and this can include all requisite testing. Generally, you will require complete blood count. The screening test measures the red blood cells, the white blood cells as well as platelets. The CBC will determine in case, you are anemic (and low iron levels in blood), have elevated number of the white blood cells (sign of the infection), and have problems with the blood clotting. The blood sugar levels might get evaluated, where case the surgeon might ask you not eating before blood test. You are asked to get baseline mammogram and breast Xray. You may need the full physical examination and taken together, results of these tests can help to ascertain that you are very healthy to undergo the breast augmentation at the time. In case, you have specific concerns about the health status, and discuss it with the surgeon during consultation or preoperative visit.

How long potential blood thinning drugs such as aspirin get stopped before breast augmentation?

Stop taking aspirin & other non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen (Motrin and Advil) at least a week before the breast augmentation surgery. Some herbal supplements such as alcohol and Vitamin E, will increase the bleeding risk, and must get stopped before the procedure. Ask surgeon for the specific instructions about while you may have the last alcoholic beverage.

Ensure the plastic surgeon has complete list of medications, which you at present, take. He /she can advise you which are very safe & which are risky, and while you must stop taking all of them. For more information, visit A – Z list of the medications to avoid prior to surgery.

Is it very important to stop smoking before the breast augmentation surgery?

Yes. Smoking can interfere with healing procedure on the top of other adverse effects that it has on the health. You must quit 3 weeks before surgery and never start again till 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery. This is good time to stop smoking for good and ask the surgeon about smoking cessation choices. The nicotine patches & other nicotine replacement systems will not get used as the smoking cessation helps immediately before and during the surgery, since they cause a few of same problems with the wound healing when smoking.