Pre-Op Shopping List

Why the pre-op shopping list required?

Medications are much required before and after any surgical process to remove the side effects and future problem. There are some common medicines that required for before and after the breast implant surgery such as: pain meds, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, and blood pressure meds. These are required to avoid any sorts of minimal infection or side effects. However, it is much important for the patients to intake any medicine according to surgeon procreations. In this way, they can suggest the patients which types of medicine required for their quick relief according to their health problem. It is good idea doing a bit shopping as well as a few preparation before the breast implants surgery. In this way you may have everything that you need for the recovery before hand-avoid any last minute drills.

Shopping List

Here is comprehensive listing of what you must have on the hand prior to the surgery:

Prescription medications, dressings and vitamins. Ask surgeon about over counter and prescription sleeping pills in case, you think that you might experience difficulty sleeping after the surgery.

Digital thermometer. You may need it to monitor the temperature when breast augmentation. The high fever is sign of the infection and your surgeon must discuss other symptoms of the infection with you prior to surgery.

Books or magazines. Purchase those best sellers that you are meaning to read and stock up on the favorite magazines. You may consider joining Netflix and renting movies for keeping you busy when you recuperating.

Journal and lap top computer. The document your thoughts & feelings during the recovery.

Ice packs. The ice packs and bags of the frozen peas, raspberries and blueberries are essential for the postoperative icing.

Heating pad, microwaveable pack or hot water bottle. These can help to alleviate the back pain to sleep in the elevated position for very long.

Wet wipes & make up removal pads. Also, these can help you to freshen up in initial postoperative period, while you will not shower and bathe.

Recovery foods. You are happy that you thought ahead buying soup, healthy frozen dinners, protein shakes, Jell-O, pudding, as well as other recovery foods. Think cooking your meals & freezing them.

Recovery clothes. The oversized shirts open from front, all along with the comfy sweat pants and pajama bottoms and robe & slippers or many pairs of the thick socks.

Hand mirror. You would like mirror within reach for monitoring your progress.

Pony tail holders. These can help you to keep hair off of face in case, you have the long locks.