Breast Surgery FAQ

Why breast surgery FAQ required?

When a patient is approaching for her breast surgery, there are a few questions that may come into her mind! Well, these questions need to be analyzed as well as answered properly so that the patient can find the best mental stability and can stay prepared for the breast surgery. These questions are:

  • What sort of lab work will be done before the surgery?
  • How long the blood thinning medicine like aspirin needs to be hold on before the surgery?
  • Is it really vital to stop smoking?
  • What the time it will take for the surgery to complete?
  • What are the foods that can be taken after the surgery?

Breast Enlargement with the Implants, Lift, Reduction

The breast enhancement is fast growing area of the cosmetic plastic surgery as well as includes many breast surgery treatments. The cosmetic breast treatments also include the breast augmentation (the breast enlargement) that is been accomplished with the breast implants. The breast lift is procedure, which is performed at the same time with augmentation. Besides, these purely cosmetic treatments, the breast reduction is enhancement surgery, which offers health & cosmetic benefits. Included is the article about revision augmentation to help to guide the women who are all unsatisfied with a few aspect of  the previous breast surgery.

Peruse every breast enhancement content segments that are listed in menu at left, and go directly to the articles regarding some of most famous breast enhancement topics, like breast enlargement: the breast lift cosmetic surgery is the common, however complex breast enhancement treatment that raises & reshapes the sagging breasts. The breast lift is done with and without insertion of the breast implants, and that depends on anatomical factors & needs of patient. Around 93,000 breast lift treatments were done at 2005.

Initial Consultation

At initial visit, you may expect surgeon to take the measurements of breasts when you are upright (standing or seated). You can talk about desired size & shape of the breasts, and about new position of nipple after the surgery. Surgeon must help you to understand extent of changes to the body. Also, discussing the expectations & goals with the surgeon helps to make sure you can achieve them. Surgeon might as well discuss whether the breast lift surgery might include the breast implants and breast reduction to get fully satisfactory outcome.