Breast Surgery Consultation Thailand

Breast Surgery Consultation Thailand – Patients Need Such Precious Hours!

Why breast surgery consultation I required?

It´s always important for a patient to have proper consultation with the surgeon before her move for a breast surgery in Thailand. In this part of the world surgeons are also keen enough to support their patients with their every consultation attempts and timings. These days, surgeons in this part of the world that are involved in breast surgery offering some good tips and advices to their patients so that they can stay prepared for the surgery with a better mean. In order to keep them mentally prepared for the surgery time, surgeons in Thailand have installed this consultation hours when they can mention their patients about how to get prepare for a breast surgery!

What happens during breast surgery consultation?

The consultation appointment also consists of the comprehensive breast exam, thorough review of the surgical choices, and time with the patient coordinator. While selecting the surgeon for breast surgery, and consider following:

* Have you ever looked at surgeon’s before & after pictures?

* Does surgeon regularly do breast surgery?

* Does surgeon have the hospital privileges for the plastic and the reconstructive surgery?

* Does surgeon specialize in plastic surgery of breast?

* Does surgeon do reconstructive surgery of breast?

* Do you have personal referral from the trusted source?

* Did surgeon do accredited two year (and more) plastic surgery training plan?

* Is surgeon board certified?

The Board of the Plastic Surgery Thailand is only certification board known by Board of the Medical Specialties, which will certify surgeons to do the comprehensive plastic & cosmetic surgery of face, breast as well as body. Physicians, which claim being board certified in the ‘cosmetic surgery’ don´t have training & qualifications, which are all equivalent to the surgeons board certified in the Plastic Surgery.

Bad reasons to select plastic surgeon are:

* He or She offered procedure at cheapest cost

* He or She did nice job on friend’s rhinoplasty

Be wary of cosmetic breast surgeon that:

* Is not at all board certified by Board of the Plastic Surgery

* Doesn’t examine breasts

* Doesn’t inquire regarding past mammography results

* Doesn’t inquire about the personal and family history of the breast cancer

* Doesn’t ask you about what you will not like about breasts

* Doesn’t answer questions fully or completely

* Doesn’t have adequate number of before & after pictures and worse, in case, pictures will not look great

* Requires you travel the long distances for surgery