Before Breast Surgery Thailand

What you should know Before Breast Surgery?

If you are interesting to have breast surgery then there are some think to consider including are you a candidate for breast surgery or not.  Before you are going for breast surgery you should consult with your physician to know what actually breast surgery is and what kind of risk available in this surgery. As other surgery breast surgery has also some risk and side effect. So you have to make sure that you are mentally and physically prepare for this surgery. Thailand is looking like the best place for breast surgery. There doctors are so well trained and use high technology for this surgery.

How long before breast implants drop?

As, for most of the women, the breast implants rest high for the short period after the surgery, and after that they drop in more normal position. Usually, this takes some weeks. Time that it takes breast implants to get drop depends on many factors, and that includes implant size, what size that you were prior to the breast augmentation surgery, implant surface kind, implant placement, muscle tone as well as whether massage breasts. The smooth breast implants also drop faster than the textured implants. In case, the implants are been placed underneath chest muscle, then they can drop much slower than in case, they are been placed over muscle. In case, you had small breasts before, as well as get the moderate to the large implants, then they can take little longer for dropping due to tightness of the skin. At times, one side can drop before other side.

Few surgeons advise the patients to push breast implants down and massage them after surgery for encouraging them to get drop. In case, you have any problems, then surgeon might have wear the wide elastic band over top of the chest to help to push the implants down.

In case, the implants have not dropped in six – nine months, the breast augmentation revision surgery is necessary. Talk to the surgeon.

Why do breasts appear red & feel sunburned?

The skin is stretched to accommodate breast implants and sunburned feeling & red color are been caused by the stretching. It is the normal part of healing process. Ask the surgeon what they recommend for the skin during breast implant recovery. The moisturizer with the shea butter can help.

Why are breasts shiny?

Shininess is because of the skin to be stretched and as the skin starts to relax, shininess may go away.