Breast Anatomy Thailand

What is breast anatomy?

Before the breast implant surgery, the surgeons may want to go through a detailed view of the patient´s breast. They will try to identify the portions on which they need to work and to make the breast proper. There are so many patients now moving for Thailand in order to have breast augmentation surgery. Here surgeons that are involved in this sort of work known how to do and what to do. In order to perform their task with utmost accuracy now surgeons for breast surgery are starting their work with the breast anatomy Thailand. In this way they are clearly identifying the problem with the breast that needs to be getting better.

Breast Shape and Size

Breasts are not exactly same size and shape. They are all incompletely developed in birth as well as – in men – stay small & undeveloped unless that are subjected to the abnormal hormonal stimulation. Generally, the breast formation is done within year and two after start of the menstruation; but, acini keep growing, as well as fibrous & fatty tissues are added continually during the adolescence. The pregnancy andnursing cause you further increases in the breast size. As woman ages, fatty tissue of breasts might get prominent than glandular tissue, as well as breasts might feel softer. Breasts slowly atrophy after the menopause (end of the menstruation).

Breast Position

Breasts cover large part of chest wall and in front, breast tissue might extend from clavicle to middle of sternum. On side, the breast tissue might continue in axilla (armpit) as well as reach where latissimus dorsi (the muscle extending from lower back to humerus bone of upper arm).

Actually, anatomic relationship between breasts & underlying muscle is important consideration in the surgical therapy. Breasts overlay chest wall muscles like pectoralis major (‘pecs’), pectoralis minor (triangular muscle under pecs), as well as intercostals (the muscles between ribs). Breasts as well might cover a few of serratus magnus (called serratus anterior; slender muscle, which is been attached to ribs or rib muscles as well as connects with shoulder blade) as well as rectus abdominis (flat muscle, which stretches up torso from pubic bone to ribs).