Breast Implants Scar Progression

Breast Implants Scar Progression!

What is breast implant scar progression? 

After having breast implants there are some scars remain on the breast. The healing of scars depends on different factor including skin type, size and placement of your incisions and whether you had any complication from your surgery. A scar is a natural part of thee wound healing process. The healing process of a scar takes some time to recover. It may take a year to fully mature. So, patients have to be patient to remove the scars from their breast. Patient should avoid sunlight because sun light can cause discoloration in patient´s breast.

What Is the Scar?

The scar is natural part of wound healing procedure and while you are injured, the body produces excess of the collagen that forms the scar. The production of the collagen is then kept in a check by enzyme named collagenase. Interaction of 2 substances determines nature & extent of a scarring. In case, there is a lot of collagen & not enough of collagenase, example, you might develop the hypertrophic (thick and raised) scars; you might develop the keloids, type of the scar, which is been characterized by reddish nodules. Few people are also prone in developing these kinds of he problematic scars, that includes individuals with the dark skin. Lots of scars eventually fade, however some disappear entirely.

Be Patient

Healing procedure of the scar takes time and your incisions are closed as well as dry in some days, as well as sutures, in case, any, are been removed within week. Scar tissue can go through many stages, and thus scars might look red & raised for many months. Then, they may become paler & flatter and your scars might take up to year to completely mature.

Avoid Sun

Stay out of sun.

Sunlight on the scar will cause discoloration, and leading to pronounced, and unsightly scar. The surgeons suggest you make use of sunscreen with sun protection factor of fifteen and above on healed incisions for protecting the skin after the cosmetic surgery. Ask surgeon for the specific recommendations. In case, you are been concerned about scarring, then ask surgeon what you may do to minimize appearance of scars. The silicone sheeting might help to flatten & lighten the scars. Also, there are the topical silicone gels as well as creams that are used on the scars. Few surgeons make use of the surgical paper tapes for flattening as well as fading scars. One more choice is treating incision line with the Retin A when it has closed, and after that cover that with tape.

Laser Treatments for the Breast Implant Scars

Scars will take year or more for healing fully. In case, the scars are unsightly after sufficient time has passed, the laser scar removal might help you out.