Revision Augmentation Thailand

Revision Augmentation Thailand – Provide More Shape to your Breast!

Why revision breast augmentation require?

Revision breast augmentation is surgical procedure available for women who are not satisfied with the look of their new breasts. Normally size is the big issue in this circumstance. Patients also have to remember that a breast implant surgery is not going to last for ever. There are many sufficient reasons why women seek revision breast augmentation. Like all plastic surgery the revision breast augmentation process perform under board-certified plastic surgeon.  Like all surgeries breast revision augmentation surgery has also some risk. Patients are opting for Thailand to have revision breast augmentation to get more satisfied result.

Why have the breast implant surgery?

There are 2 kinds of the breast implant revision that is available: the breast implant removal & implant replacement surgery. The breast implant removal is the popular choice for people who feel that they have most out of the breast implants as well as want to return to naturally smaller size. The implant replacement will help people who have already suffered bad breast augmentation as well as have got the implants, which have hardened, rippled, changed shape, and shifted position. With time, the implants might rupture and leak and must get replaced.

What are the “bad” breast implants?

The “Bad” breast implants will not refer to the breast augmentation which appears totally unnatural, however rather breast implant surgeries that are aesthetically displeasing due to complications like capsular contracture, rippling, as well as implant displacement. The bad breast implants are replaced by the certified breast replacement surgeon.

Should I have breast implants removed and replaced?

Most of the surgeons suggest breast implant replacement instead breast implant removal. The implant removal surgery is much riskier than the replacement, with the heightened potential for infection and bleeding. The breast implant removal causes same psychological trauma since mastectomy in a few patients. For a few women, breast implant removal is preferred choice. Women who are suffering from pain as well as rheumatological symptoms show marked health improvement while implants are removed totally instead replaced. It is just because a few women have the negative reactions to substances in the breast implants. Chemicals, trace amounts of the heavy metals, as well as silicone there in the implants are unhealthy for the women who suffer from and are on risk for the autoimmune diseases like arthritis, MS, as well as lupus.

In case, you choose to have the breast implants removed, then it is very important to select the surgeon experienced to remove breast implants for best cosmetic result. Also, removing the implants is difficult than to put them in, as well as doctors with the expertise in the breast augmentation cannot perform the cosmetically satisfactory implant removal.

What is the breast implant removal and replacement recovery like?

Normally, neither of the procedures is uncomfortable as initial breast augmentation. But, discomfort felt by the breast implant patients is of same degree, particularly in case, scar tissue is been removed all along with implant. The patients will return to the normal activities in some days. As, the natural breast tissue stretches for accommodating implant, breasts can likely not be attractive they were before implants.