Mammograms Thailand

Mammograms Thailand – Perfect Process for Rectification of Breast Problem!

What is Mammograms?

It is a breast X-ray technologies through which surgeon will know about the flatter of patient´s breast. So, the surgeon will take right way to rectify breast problem of patient.  This technology is having a plate, so that surgeon will determine that damage portion of patient´s breast. There is no need for invasive procedure, because it is simple x-ray of breast. While the X-ray will be accomplished, then the surgeon will send the x-ray of the breast to the radiologist. In this way, the surgeon will determine what to do for rectifying the patient´s breast problem. If the patients are feeling any complication with their breast, then they need to contact with the surgeon within 2 weeks.

What is best method to detect the breast cancer as soon as possible?

The high quality of mammogram and clinical breast exam, the exam that is done by doctor, is most  effective method to detect the breast cancer early. So, finding the breast cancer greatly improves the woman´s chances for the successful treatment. Like any of the test, the mammograms have benefits & limitations. Example, few cancers will not be found by mammogram, however they are found in the clinical breast exam. Checking own breasts for the lumps and other changes is named breast self exam. The studies have not at all shown BSE alone helps and reduce number of the deaths from the breast cancer. The BSE must not at all take place of the routine breast exams & mammograms.

In case, you select to do BSE, then keep in mind breast changes will happen as due to pregnancy, menstrual cycles, menopause, aging, and from taking the birth control pills and other hormones. Also, it is very normal for the breasts to feel lumpy & uneven. It is very common for the breasts to get swollen & tender right before and during the menstrual period. In case, you see unusual changes in breasts, then contact doctor.

How is the mammogram done?

You stand at special x ray machine and person who takes x rays, named radiologic technician, and places breasts, at a time, between x-ray plate as well as plastic plate. The plates are been attached to xray machine as well as compress breasts to flatten this. It spreads breast tissue to get the clearer picture and you may feel pressure on the breast for some seconds. It might cause you a few discomfort; you may feel squeezed and pinched. The feeling just lasts for some seconds, and flatter the breast, better the picture. Often, 2 pictures are then taken of every breast -from side & one from above.