Implant Maintenance After Breast Implants

Implant Maintenance After Breast Implants – Exercise Much Required? 

Why implant maintenance essential?

In most of the cases, some breast surgeons are suggesting their patients for the breast implant massage or some breast related exercise for the quick success from critical surgical process. The patients are required to move their breast up, down, left and right for the few minutes according to comfort and relax. With the help of this exercise, the patients can decrease to develop the scar tissue around the implant. However, the patients are required to start the exercise a week after the completion of surgical process. By the regular exercise the patients can get quick relief form the breast problem.

What to consult with the doctor?

Routine follow up visit schedules differ among he surgeons and we love to check patients within first 2 days following te surgery, and then at 3 weeks, 3 months, one year, as well as every 2 years thereafter. We instruct each and every patient to come at any time that they have question and concern. One of main problems with the implant patients is the failure to show for the follow up visits. Also, you think, that “I am doing good and will not have any kind of problems, thus I will not have to waste any time as well as make trip to see surgeon.” Wrong! Even though visit is routine, the surgeon can take good care of you as well as identify the potential problems sooner in case, you do part as well as show up. The surgeon must never charge you for the follow up visits by following the augmentation as they are a part of original costs. Take benefit of the surgeon´s efforts to take best possible care, doesn´t matter how well that you think you are doing.

Supporting The Breasts

The breasts are been supported mainly by the breast skin. When you get older, the breast skin generally gets thinner & doesn´t give a lot of support. Larger the implants or larger unaugmented breast, more weight in breast and more gravity can pull as well as stretch skin with time, allowing breast to sag. Also, supporting breasts, particularly during the activities, which stress skin & accelerate sagging, will decrease amount of the sagging as well as delay onset. You will not completely escape inevitable effects of the gravity pulling on the breast weight with time, however you many help.

What happens in case, you do not wear bra?

Check pictures of the women who are staying in the cultures where breast is not supported. And aging is inevitable, however supporting breast, some of time, will delay inevitable & reduce the sagging.