Emotional Changes After Breast Implants

Emotional Changes After Breast Implants – Quick Recovery Much Essential!

What are emotional changes after breast implants?

Many patients are feeling uncomfortable and sad after their breast augmentation surgery. It may arise due to several reasons like the side effect of the anesthesia, postsurgical traumatic stress syndrome, effect of medication and pain due to surgical process. In most of the cases, the patients are suffering from the mental tiredness, unsure, depressed, anxious, restless, and unable to sleep as for their requirements. These above problem stand for one or two week after the surgical process. If the patients are suffered from more than a month, then it´s always better to consults with the surgeons as soon as possible.    Feeling very sad after breast augmentation surgery is very normal and these feelings might happen for many reasons and they are the side effect of anesthesia that will bring out the sensitive side. So, feelings of the sadness after the surgery will be because of the medications, the postsurgical traumatic stress syndrome, pain or sleep loss.

But to be forewarned is forearmed, thus keep in mind you might feel:

  • tired
  • sore
  • unsure
  • irritable
  • bored
  • depressed
  • Not able to sleep at times
  • restless
  • anxious

During the recovery breasts is:

  • lopsided
  • asymmetrical
  • bruised
  • swollen
  • firm or hard
  • tender to the touch
  • numb
  • irritated from the tape or anesthetic

Additionally, you might experience the sharp pains, breasts might feel very sunburned, nipples are hyper sensitive, as well as you might feel the tingling sensation in breasts. So, print out list as well as keep that by nightstand, thus you remember what you are feeling is the normal part of breast augmentation recovery procedure. The feelings can pass, and breasts can start to look as well as feel normal once again. In case, you are not very happy with look & feel of the new breasts after 6 months, think of talking to surgeon about the revision breast augmentation.

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