Double Bubble after Breast Implant

Double Bubble after Breast Implant – Occurs Due To Oversized Implants! 

What is double bubble?

Double bubble breast related problem may arise after the breast augmentation surgery. It is also occurring due to other problem such as: tuberous or snoopy breasts, poor breast implant placement, oversized implants, and capsular contracture. This problem is not always arising due to surgical related problem because some women are suffering due to milk feeding to their baby. In most of the cases, many women are suffering from double bubble due to natural problem known as the infra-mammary.  It is also occurs due to improper placements of the implant behind the chest of the patients that increasing the double bubble problem.

“Double bubble” deformity is light hearted name for the serious and uncommon breast implant complication, which might happen any time after the breast augmentation surgery. There are a lot of scenarios where double bubble breast deformity might happen. The double bubble might happen in case, your implants are been placed behind chest muscle, and natural breast tissue sags, well known as the breast ptosis, below implant. The sagging might worsen in advancing age and following the pregnancy. Placing the breast implants behind muscle, but, will not mean the woman can develop the double bubble.

One more double bubble scenario happens when preoperative natural fold is very high. Thus, there is visible groove between nipple & new lower crease. And this generally separates bulge above from bulge below.

Double bubble can as well happen with:

* Scarring

* Poor breast placement (like placing implant very high)

* Capsular contracture

* Oversized implants that are relative to size

* Tuberous and Snoopy breasts

Importantly, the double bubble is not result of the surgical error and for example, in case, woman has the breast implants in age of 20, and has 3 kids & breasts start to sag, the double bubble will happen. Thus said, lots of women will develop the breast sagging and will not have double bubble as breast implant migrates south with breast.

“Late double bubble will happen with the normal aging as well as descent of breast, and will generally get corrected with the new lower implants as well as breast lift to lift breast tissue as well as nipple areolar complex and so implant and breast are been superimposed & double bubble is been eliminated.”

Double Bubble Shooting

Best method to handle bubble is avoiding developing complication in first place. Selecting the certified surgeon with the extensive breast implant experience.