Complication After Breast Implants

Complication After Breast Implants – Risk with Anesthesia!

What are the complications after breast implants surgery?

Patients may come across some amount of complications after the breast implant surgery. Risk factors are there with almost any surgery so breast implant surgery is not an exception! For the starters, there is always a risk involved with the anesthesia. There are two prime types of anesthesia are in use for breast augmentation like surgery such as general anesthesia through which the patient will stay asleep and another one is the combination of local anesthesia and conscious sedation through which the consciousness can be altered at different level. General anesthesia always carries rare yet fatal risks like aspiration and allergic reaction.

Anesthesia Risks

For the starters, there are the risks that are associated with the anesthesia and two main kinds of the anesthesia that are used for the breast augmentation are the general anesthesia (that you are sleeping) and combination of the local anesthesia & conscious sedation (level of the consciousness is been altered to differing degrees).

The general anesthesia carries very rare and potentially fatal risks like aspiration (while object and liquid is been inhaled in respiratory tract), nausea, allergic reaction, vomiting as well as increased blood pressure & heart rate. One in around 250,000 people die every year from the complications of the general anesthesia. Risks are much greater among the people with some serious medical states. The loocal anesthesia is been considered very safe. Risks of the conscious sedation include hangoverlike feeling, headache, vomiting, nausea, or unpleasant memories of the surgery. For information on risks of the anesthesia & how you can protect yourself, visit comprehensive article on subject.

General Surgery Risks

Even in hands of best breast surgeon, you will see that there are complications with the surgery and they include:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Infection
  • Seroma (collection of the fluid underneath skin)
  • Hematoma (break in blood vessel)
  • Implant extrusion or rejection (body rejects implant & pushes that out)
  • Loss of sensation in nipples and breast area.
  • Tissue death (the necrosis)
  • Blood clots (in leg, well known as the deep vein thrombosis)
  • Galactorrhea (production of the breast milk)
  • Capsular contracture
  • Death
  • Breast implant deflation
  • Scarring
  • Granulomas (small regions of the inflammation in the tissue that will happen in case, silicone gel implant leaks and ruptures)
  • Implant rupture

The breast implants are linked to the rare cancer named aaplastic large cell lymphoma. Food & Drug Administration is developing registry to understand the connection. For information, visit comprehensive article on the breast implants & ALCL.