Capsular contracture After Breast Implants

Capsular contracture After Breast Implants – Don´t Fear!

What is capsular contracture?

Patient need to keep in mind that all surgeries are having certain amount of risk factor, so breast implant surgery is not an exception. It´s the capsular contracture that may come into act when the scar tissues will start to develop around the implant side. It will offer more pain and breast stiffness like problems and there might be a possible leakage of the breast fluid inside the implant. This is a kind of common complication and has always offered women more things to fear about it. Sometime it is hard to trace or predict. Patient may not know when it will take place and when it will develop.

Capsular Contracture Signs

After the breast augmentation with the breast implants, the excessive scar tissue might form over breast implant that causes your breast implants to get harden (same to what contracted muscle feels) as naturally forming tissue around breast implant tightens as well as squeezes that. Each patient may have a few scar tissue form over breast implant, but in case, it forms implant can feel firmer and harder that depends “grade” of the capuslar contraction patient has. The capsular contracture grades from 1 to 4 with to be worst. Whereas the capsular contracture is unpredictable complication of the breast surgery, it is as well most common complication of the breast augmentation.

Capsular Contracture Prevention

The textured implants help to deter the capsular contracture due to the rough surface of breast implant that is been intended to discourage hard capsule to form around implant.

Under muscle (the sub-pectoral and ‘partial sub-muscular’) placement of implant reduces risk of the capsular contracture by average of 8 to 10%. Whereas with muscle (in the front of muscle and ‘sub-mammary’) has around 10 to 25% and more chance of the capsule contracture. And complete unders (the total sub-musculofascial) give more protection to prevent the capsular contracture of breast implants.

Massage or compression. It is generally done with the smooth breast implants as well as are suggested for the period between some weeks to long you have the breast implants. Never massage bruises and more is found on page.

“No-touch” technique. And this method includes the meticulously rewashing of the surgical gloves prior to handling any of the instrument & implants. Only head surgeon touches breast implant, making use of unique Teflon board & immediately inserting implant underneath muscle. All these measures will help to make sure no foreign substance will attach themselves to implant that can inflame surrounding tissue as well as cause complications like capsular contracture.