Breast Implant Removal Thailand

Breast Implant Removal Thailand – Perfect Process Always Essential!

Why the breast Implant Removal required?

Study of medical science is also showing that the fifty percentage of total women population suffering from the breast related problem. In most of the cases, many women are looking for the artificial breast to plant in the place of small breast. However, if the patients are like to remove their breast implant and decide to change their size of shape. In this way, they are required to change the implant size. It is not a life long process for the patients so the patients should required to more conscious about process and timing according to the surgeon advice.

Reasons for the Breast Implant Removal

Three most common reasons for the breast implant removal are the change of the size & shape, implant leakage and rupture, as well as capsular contracture. At times, the breast implant removal is essential to treat the problems, which happen with implants.

* shifting

* deflation or rupture

* asymmetry

* sagging

* implant wrinkling

Some other times it is because of body’s reaction to implants.

* infection

* bleeding

*formation of the scar tissue, which around implant (the capsular contracture)

* diagnosis of the breast cancer

* calcium deposits

* necrosis, or formation of the dead tissue around implant that might prevent the wound healing


The breast implant removal is completed under the general anesthesia or else local anesthesia combined with the IV sedation. Procedure generally takes around 30 minutes to hour as well as takes place in the outpatient surgical center. And operating through the incision in inframammary fold (in breast) and peri-areolar incision (through nipple), the surgeons very carefully remove the implants. In case, implant is been made of the saline, doctors might select to deflate that first to facilitate the removal. The breast implant removal generally costs around $1,000 to $4,000.


The initial recovery from the breast implant surgery is generally quick, with a lot of patients returning to daily activity within some days and complete activity in 2 to 3 weeks. Complete recovery takes some months and for first some days after the breast implant removal, there are mild discomfort, bruising and swelling. Few uncommon, and possible, complications include: scarring; loss of nipple sensation; loose skin and bleeding.

Removal of the Large Breast Implants

Women who will opt for the removal of the large breast implants, particularly those, which are inserted at subglandularly (on the top of muscle & under breast glands) are all left with the major cosmetic deformity in breasts in case, they opt not replacing breast implants or else have cosmetic surgery.