Breast Feeding After Breast Implant

Breast Feeding After Breast Implant – Erase Those Old Concerns!

What are the concerns related to breast feeding after breast implant?

There are two types of breast implants such as saline and silicone gel. These two processes are nothing to do with the breast feeding. But there are some women who have concerns that breast milk may pass into the silicone gel and they may come across a rupture with their breast implant. Well, these are the most common fears which have been successfully addressed by science. During the early time of 1990´s, there were reports on silicone gel leakage at the implant area of the body. However, medical science has proven those concerns wrong by making the breast implant surgery firm than ever before.


Potential problem

In case, your breasts are surgically enlarged with the silicone and saline implants, nipples are more and less sensitive than the normal. When you have delivered the baby and milk has also come in, then you might have exaggerated the breast engorgement with fever, pain, as well as chills, which are intense than the usual. In case, your breasts were been augmented due to underdeveloped breasts, you might have some trouble producing adequate milk. Make use of pump after every nursing session for stimulating the production.

Will I be able to breastfeed?

It is likely, however that depends on kind of the surgery that you had. The incisions made under fold of breast and through armpit must not cause any kind of trouble. Most famous method, making the “smile” incision over areola, and puts you in greater risk for the problems. In case, the nerves over areola were not cut and damaged during the surgery, then you might nurse fully and partially. The nerves are very important vital to do breastfeeding as they trigger brain to release the prolactin & oxytocin, 2 hormones affect the milk production. The chances of the breastfeeding improve in case, milk duct system is totally intact.

There is not any evidence that the silicone from the silicone implants leaks in breast milk, however even though that did, probably will not harm baby and silicone is similar to the substance that is used to treat the babies’ stomach gas.


You will not know full extent of the nerve damage -in case, any -till you try and nurse. Let baby’s doctor to know about the surgery. She will have to keep the close eye on baby’s weight gain for ensuring that he is getting a lot to eat. In case, you to produce portion of breast milk that your baby needs, then you will have to supplement with the formula.