After Breast Implants Surgery

After Breast Implants Surgery – Work As Per the Surgeon´s Instructions!

What are the things patients need to consider after breast implant surgery?

Often patient seems to be happy with their new breast shape which they have finally managed to get after breast implant surgery. Now these patients will have to move through the breast augmentation recovery like processes in order to get firm results. After breast implant surgery, patients need to sleep properly and bathe when the healing procedure is on with the breasts. All they need to work as per the surgeon´ instructions and they can receive a better result. These patients need to avoid high temperature so that internal bleeding can be avoided.

What to Expect after the Breast Augmentation Surgery

The typical instructions for the breast augmentation recovery that includes limiting movement & getting a lot of rest. Activity, which involves bending, lifting, and straining must get avoided, since it will increase pain as well as soreness & delay healing. The patients will generally return to the work after a week, given that the jobs don´t need the heavy lifting and other strenuous activities. Generally, the patients who get the subglandular implant placement needs very less breast augmentation time than the patients who get submuscular implant placement. The surgeon knows medical history & individual requirements best. He /she can give you with the specific guidelines follow so the breast augmentation time of recovery is as minimal as likely. Following the surgeon´s instructions can as well help you to attain optimal implant results.

First 2 Weeks

During first 24 – 48 hours after the breast augmentation surgery, the recovery is uncomfortable for some of the patients. Fatigue & breast pain are very common during the time. In most of the cases, pain is managed with the medication, however you might feel uncomfortable, sore, and tired. It is good to have somebody stay with you helping out to care for during this time. Some days after the breast augmentation surgery, gauze dressings are been removed from patient´s breasts & replaced with the surgical bra. In case, stitches have to get removed, and they are taken out in 7 to ten days.

First Many Months

For first many weeks of the breast augmentation recovery, breasts are sensitive and they might be swollen for long to 4 to 5 weeks. In order, to reduce risk of the injury that can delay recovery, the patients must avoid the physical contact with breasts till sensitivity has subsided. The strenuous activities & exercise is resumed approximately a month after the breast augmentation surgery.